Choco-Story museum Prague

Choco-Story museum Prague

Choco-Story Chocolate Museum

Welcome to the largest and the most entertaining chocolate museum in the Czech Republic.

The Choco-Story Chocolate Museum has been in Prague since 2008. It belongs to a family of museums with branches in Belgium, France, Mexico and Lebanon. With its unique private collection, Choco-Story Prague is one of the Top 10 most visited chocolate museums in the world.


Unique Chocolate Experience

Located in the very heart of Prague. Just 2 minutes walk from Old Town Square and the Orloj astronomical clock in Celetna 10 street, it is a must-see destination for everyone on their way to discover the magic city.

Learn about the ancient customs of Aztecs and the Mayas, discover the evolution of chocolate production and witness how chocolate influenced the history of the world.

Taste different types of chocolate from all over the world, watch the live production of fine Belgian pralines, or visit our cinema to find out were cacao grows and travels to become your favorite sweet treat.

Our exposition is great for schools groups, families, couples and all chocolate enthusiasts.

Discover 3000 years of cacao history, its customs, traditions & most well-kept secrets

For the Maya of Central America, cocoa was the drink of the gods, and for years after it was introduced to Europe it was the preserve of the aristocracy. 

More recently it has been seen as a children’s drink, but now it is making a comeback among gourmets and top chefs, who are rediscovering drinking chocolate.

Choco-Story Prague constantly ranks as Top 10 most visited chocolate museums in the world

Museum includes tasting of 5 types of chocolate