The chocolate museum
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Choco Story is a popular destination for school trips and during its history it has been visited by more than 800 schools. For every 10 students one teacher has free entrance.

Order only by phone +420 224 242 953 or +420 725 975 762 or e-mail

School groups must be booked in advance, we recommend ordering a larger advance. It is also advisable to make use of chocolate workshops at discounted price as described in section workshops.


What is the program?

You spend first 30 minutes in the exposition, where you get information about history of cocoa and chocolate, about the cocoa tree and its growing and about the travel of cacao to Europe. During the tour you will taste our delicious chocolates. Then you will move into the factory and you will watch live production of Belgian pralines with tasting, of course! (+10 minutes).

Finally, we recommend to visit a cinema (+15 minutes). How much time you spend visiting our collections depends only on you. An average visit takes about an hour.

In the case of workshops please allow 30 minutes extra.